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FiCom in brief

FiCom in brief

Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics, FiCom is a co-operation organisation for the ICT (information and communications technology) industry in Finland and looks after its interests.

FiCom's members are companies and other entities that operate in the communications and teleinformatics sector in Finland. The total turnover from Finland of FiCom's members is about EUR 5,6 billion. Approximately 32 000 people work in their different locations.

FiCom's task is to promote business opportunities for its members and to enhance their competitiveness. In order to implement this task, FiCom

  • influences on ICT-related regulatory issues,
  • promotes the development of information and communications technology,
  • manages ICT statistics and business indicators,
  • maintains a comprehensive ICT data bank,
  • openly communicates current professional issues to various target groups and
  • contributes the ICT industry's public image.
Furthermore, together with ICT companies, FiCom develops the performance reliability in the data network sector and contributes to ICT readiness for major disturbances and emergencies.

FiCom has direct, open and stable relations with political decision-makers, civil servants, other organisations and media representatives. FiCom's committees are powerful channels of influence for any emergent ICT industry issues.

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